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File D2.2 Existing codes and standards
Collect list of existing RCS standards relevant to the project and analyze the limits of these standards.
File D3.2 Review of tests methods
D3.2 “Review of test methods” will define the type and design of test specimen, instrumentation and experimental conditions to be employed in order to achieve the most efficient characterization of material and its applicability for use in hydrogen high pressure vessels. Due to the fact that the test method, specimen size and number of tests in high pressure hydrogen gas will be limited, and considering that the monitoring of fatigue damage during a high pressure hydrogen test is challenging, an optimization of the test methods and instrumentation is important. The review and critical assessment of different test methods used for general validation is summarized in this report. The special demands on material data and experimental limitations due to high pressure hydrogen are discussed and based on this the test capabilities of the consortium assessed.
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