Link Solar to Hydrogen Hybrid Cycle
The project focuses on applied, bottle-necks solving, materials research and development and demonstration of the relevant-scale key components of the solar-powered, CO2-free hybrid water splitting cycles, complemented by their advanced modeling and process simulation including conditions and site-specific technical-economical assessment optimization, quantification and benchmarking.
Development of H2 Safety Expert Groups for hydrogen technologies. H2TRUST project is focusing on the following objectives: - Assess industry efforts to assure FCH technology is safe and that there is an adequate regulation, hazard awareness, incident readiness and ability to respond to public concerns. - Hazard and risk assessment in the FCH industry in each of the main application areas (H2 Production, Storage and Distribution, Mobility and Vehicles, Non-vehicles and residential power generation). - Systematically map safety issues and assess how they are addressed. - Compile information demonstrating safety due diligence and best practices. - Seek input from previous, on-going and upcoming Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) demonstrations and pre-normative and training projects and from similar international activities. - Make recommendations for further safety efforts by FCH community. - Develop communications network to manage public reaction to incidents and give documented responses. - Disseminate the results so as to create a long lasting culture of safety practices in the industry and a legacy of tools and knowledge serving to reinforce best practices and assure public confidence.
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